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Values and Guidelines

Joining MIB

Mission Statement

Friends in business growing together with integrity.

Core Values

Each member shall be treated respectfully and equally in all matters related to membershipwill act honestly and will conduct themselves in an ethical manner to ensure accountability in all business transactionsactions of the group are intended towards the improvement of the group and its membersshall be enjoyable and fun and will set out to empower members to achieve, learn and accomplishmembers will show empathy, compassion and tolerance in matters related to politics, religion and all other personal choices

Member’s Responsibilities

Regular attendance of meetings required
Payment of annual and monthly dues required in a timely manner
Personal accountability to contribute to the group and it's members
To immediately advise Membership committee of any violation to the core values by any MIB member

Membership Guidelines

  • Applications are reviewed and put forward to the group in the order in which they are received

  • Members have 2 business days in which to voice any concerns or objections about the application/applicant to the Membership Committee

  • Concerns and/or objections to an application will remain confidential with the Membership Committee

  • Objections must be for ethical reasons or violations to MIB's core values

  • Should any one member raise a concern or objection to an application/applicant, that application will be removed from any further consideration or review by the group and the Membership Committee will inform the applicant that their request to join MIB was not approved

  • In the event of multiple applications being received at the same time for the same professional category, members will have 2 business days in which to voice any concerns and/or objections about the application/applicant to the Membership Committee

  • Should no objections arise, the decision on who will be the successful applicant will be made by the Membership Committee on behalf of the group

  • Members must contribute to the group on an ongoing basis in order to maintain good standing with the group

  • Membership is subject to a 6 week trial period to allow the group and the new member an opportunity to assess one another and to ensure the membership is a good fit for each party

  • In the event the new member does not continue on with the group after the initial 6 week period, the sum of $125.00 initially collected for annual dues will be refunded

  • Should a member decide to terminate their membership with the group after the initial 6 week trial period has lapsed, the member will forfeit the $125.00 initially paid for annual dues.  Nor will the annual dues be refunded if a member is asked to leave the group after the initial 6 week period

  • If a member is behaving in a manner that violates these guidelines or MIB's core values, they will be asked by the Membership Committee to make the necessary changes to correct this behavior.  Should a second warning be necessary, the member may be asked to leave the group  

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