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Smart Choice Home Inspections

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Smart Choice Home Inspections


366 Milton Street, Nanaimo, BC


(250) 753-0602




Home Inspector

List of Services:

Inspections on homes for purchase, pre-selling, maintenance.  Commercial inspections also available

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Ken Smart

smart choice Home Inspections

Most people think that Home Inspections are for the home buyers. This is not the case anymore. Pre-inspections are becoming more popular in all real estate markets. More sellers are having their homes inspected before the buyer comes along. Why wait until there is a real estate contract on the line, then find out your home has one or more major defects?  If you wait for the buyer to hire a Home Inspector you may find out you have a significant defect and the buyer will try to renegotiate the price of the home or ask that it be fixed before the deal is final. By getting a professional Home Inspection done before selling, you have the option of fixing any problems or showing the buyer all defects before they make an offer. Having the inspection report available to the buyer and showing that all necessary repairs are done will make your home sell faster and closer to the listing price. Buyers of pre-inspected homes get the advantage of knowing the condition of the home prior to signing an offer.


An Inspection can identify major defects before you buy your home allowing you to make an educated decision about the biggest purchase in your life. Having a home inspection done before you buy the home will give you peace of mind knowing that your purchase is sound. Imagine moving in to find that your dream home has one or more major defects, some you may not be financially able to fix. Give yourself peace of mind, make the Smart Choice and have your home inspected.

Home Prevention Checkup

Most homeowners never look in the attic or crawl in the crawl space until there is a problem.  Give yourself the piece of mind by having your home inspected regularly catching possible problems before they become major issues.

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