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Member Benefits

Joining MIB

What We Do

Our group started in December of 2006 with the realization that in comparison to working alone, businesses grow faster and further when working together. However, unlike other business referral groups, MIB was created with the thought that rules didn't  make the group, people did.

MIB is based on a proven system of bringing businesses and ultimately people together with a common goal ... to achieve. Our group is one of the fastest growing and evolving business referral groups in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island. We currently have  over twenty core members from a wide variety of professions and are still growing strong.

We all believe that structure in a group is important but so is flexibility. At MIB, we have membership guidelines that suit today's fast-paced and usually very busy business professionals.

If none of our current members are in direct competition with your business, and MIB sounds like a group you would like to be a part of, just ask one of our members to invite you to a meeting.

We welcome new people with fresh ideas who are interested in networking and growing their business with like minded individuals.

Why Should YOU Join a Business Referral Group?

Business referral networking with fellow entrepreneurs, solo professionals and independent sales people is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to promote your business - Come out as a guest for FREE and find out for yourself.

It's not what you know, it's who you know, or better yet: who knows you!

   Join us for free and see who we know who might be a good prospect for you. Each member has hundreds of contacts, some of them may be the perfect one you're looking for.
   Save money on expensive advertising, we spread the word for you!
   Word of mouth is a powerful way to spread the word about your business. You get a profile page on this website, you can contribute articles to our newsletter, as well as benefit from other events planned throughout the year.  All of this included  in a nomimal membership fees.
   Exclusive membership in your business category
   This means no competition within the group. What's unique about our group is we let YOU decide if you want to open your category! Check the Members Directory to see if your category is open.
   We love you - but you can play with others

   Although our group is exclusive, you are encouraged to join a Chamber of Commerce, professional associations, etc.

Our Newsletter

Every quarter as part of our monthly dues we publish and distribute a newsletter to local Nanaimo businesses.  With a distribution of 2500 copies, our newsletter contains articles from different members, as well as each member's business card.
As a member, this is not only a great way to get a little extra information out to the public, but also a great way for our group to get noticed and continue to grow it's membership base.
The newsletter is just another way we are a little different than other business group.

Please click the links below to look at a few of our newsletters.  **note that the files may take a while to load
March 2012
           Sept 2011           June 2011

Trade Shows & Events

New in 2012, our group is looking at more creative ways to get our members and their businesses noticed.  In March 2012, we are entered as a group into the West Coast Womens show.   We will also be looking into more trade shows in the future.   Planned  for the summer of 2012 is a customer appreciation day.   All members of MIB will be able to invite their clients and friends out to meet other members.  Another great opportunity to network and meet new potential clients.

Interested ? Visit out Join Page

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