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Hiring a Member

Why Hire an MIB Member?

Members of the Mid Island Business Group are leaders in their field. Our extensive process for accepting new members ensures that members provide exceptional customer service and offer quality products. Most importantly they deliver their service  with integrity and have established an excellent reputation in their respective field of expertise. Let us help take the stress out of hiring someone by recommending one of MIB’s proven industry leaders.

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MIB testimonial:
We are always looking for ways to go above and beyond for our customers. Having a list of trusted companies we can refer to homeowners when we can't meet their needs is another way we can achieve this. I know that I am adding value to my own business  when I refer a fellow MIB member because I can trust that they will do an exceptional job!

Rebecca Hill - Owner
Rainbow International of Vancouver Island

Just One Example of the Benefits
 Lets Say your selling your home and buying a new one, the example below shows how up to 10 of our members can help. Keep in mind, each of these individuals want not just you, but also the other members to be proud of the work they have done.  This makes for a much smoother transition for you during the buy and sell process. You don't have to seek out a new person for each task, worrying about references and reliability. You can trust in each MIB member to do whats best for you.

A few very small things can make a huge difference in the final selling price of your home. While renovating a kitchen or bathroom certainly can add value to your home, it seldom increases the value enough to cover the costs of the renovation. Smaller  things however, can dramatically increase the “appeal” of your home to potential buyers. Here is how a few MIB members can help!
A little paint can go along way, and a little more paint can go even further. With Sonshine Girls Painting, a freshly painted house done with nice, neutral colours can increase the sale of your home more than anything else you do. Sure, you think that  bright red you painted the dining room looks good....but does a buyer have the same taste? They need to be able to visualize themselves in that home. Painting also cleans up a home more than anything else you can do except actual cleaning.
Which brings us to our next point. A messy home simply doesn’t sell as easily, or for nearly as much. It is especially hard when you still have to live in your house while showing it. Make Ready Cleaning Services to the rescue on this one! Having  your home cleaned top to bottom will help people feel comfortable in the house and make it easier for them to imagine themselves living there. It also gives the impression of a well cared for home. Keeping it clean during the sale process not only helps  the sale progress, but you get the bonus of coming home all the time to a nice, clean home. Heck, you might even decide not to sell it!
Just as important as paint and a generally clean home is clean carpets. It doesn’t cost a fortune, but it makes your house not only look nicer, but also smell nicer. Pet odours you may not even notice anymore might be overwelming to potential buyers.  Removing as much of these odours as possible will help your sale price and the duration the sale takes. Call Rainbow International for state of the art carpet cleaning.
Fourth on our list is curb appeal. First impressions happen here and paint is once again important! Having your landscaping, decks and fences in clean, good condition is vital to your home’s first impression. Keep your grass cut and consider new  bark mulch or gravel for the yard. A couple hundred dollars in landscape clean up can add thousands to your home. Sitka Landscaping can tidy up that yard and deliver on all of your landscaping needs. Maxx Contracting can repair a fence, refresh a deck  and add the appeal back into your yard.
Often small repairs are needed and many buyers discount their offer by more than double the cost of each repair. They may hire a home inspector to investigate the home. Stay ahead of the buyer and hire Smart Choice Home Inspections to find out potential  issues with your home. Fixing these issues ahead of time, so the buyer doesn’t have to worry about them gives the impression of a well maintained home, and increases the value of offers.
Now that your house is ready to sell for the best possible price, find out what that price is. Pacific Rim Appraisals will give you a complete assessment of what your home is worth. This gives you the true market value of your home and helps remove false  expectations, both low and high.
Congratulations....your house is now ready to list. Sharon Jensen of Century 21 Realty, has the experience, knowledge and personality to help sell your home fast. She can also help find your new dream home.
Now on to your new house. Bonnie Smart, our mortgage broker of choice, can give you an array of options to help you not only afford your home, but often pay it off early. Getting a mortgage through a bank is a thing of the past. The best rates and service  is through a mortgage broker. Plus, the best mortgage brokers do not charge any fees to you.
Once in to your new home, Send your friends a card Through Jan Rogers of Send Out Cards. A great way to give old friends your new address, plus everyone loves getting cards!
We hope you choose to use some, or even all of our professionals during your home sale process, but these tips still apply even if you chose someone who isn’t in our group. One of the advantages when using any MIB member is we all conduct business  in an honorable manner, not only answering to the client, but the other members of our group as well.

Mission Statement

Friends in business growing together with integrity.

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